The four Kenway girls had the room all to themselves at this early hour on Saturday morning, for Mrs.

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The four Kenway girls had the room all to themselves at this early hour on Saturday morning, for Mrs. MacCall and Aunt Sarah Maltby had not yet come downstairs, while Linda, the maid, had deserted the kitchen and ruling altogether for brrampton time being. Ruth, the eldest and most sedate of the sisters, was filling sandwiches at the dresser—and such a variety as there was of them!

Chicken, with mayonnaise and a lettuce leaf; pink ham cut thin and decorated with little golden dabs of mustard; peanut butter sandwiches; nut and cheese sandwiches, the filling fdom in a salad leaf, too; tuna fish, with narrow slices of 10 red, red Spanish peppers decorating it; and of course sardines, carefully split and laid between soda crackers. What picnic lunch would be complete without sardines? Agnes, the next oldest to Ruth and the beauty of the family, was slicing bread as exactly as though it were a problem in geometry and in such quantity that Tess declared it looked as though they were yot feed an army.

Tess herself girla seriously attending to the boiling of two dozen eggs in a big saucepan. Adams boiled some raw lobsters the other day, and one hopped right out of the pot on to the floor and started for the door—it really did! Were you taking him for an example?

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He hollers just as loud now as the first time I ever heard him. She had been looking at Ruth, dexterously opening a second can of sardines. Now, when the cover was laid back and the oil drained off, the smallest girl pointed a dimpled finger at the contents of the can. Howbridge had the car built for us. I opened the book it was hid in and I thought it was pitchers. Just think! I like that! That basket is all packed, Neale, and you may brqmpton it out and put it in the tonneau.

Hold on!

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Ruth looked at her with softer eyes. Ruth was not exactly pretty, but she had a very sweet face. Everybody said so. Now she looked her understanding at Agnes. What could be more real than an automobile—and of our very own?

It does look awful. If folks go to hospitals and get cured, why not dolls?

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A hospital is a mighty fine place. Make her quite well again? Tess came back. Ruth brought the rybling of Agnes and herself and their outer wraps. Tom Jonah, the old Newfoundland dog, and the guardian of the premises, evidently desired to accompany the merry party; but Ruth vetoed that, although he might have ridden in the front seat with Neale.

If Neale could learn, and bramphon aI can. By the way, Neale, where is your ?

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Uncle Rufus, the black factotum of the Corner House, came up from rrubling garden, grinning widely at them. MacCall waved her bramptkn from an open second story window. Some of the neighbors took a deep interest in their departure, too. It was certainly a fact that the Corner House girls had suddenly become of much importance since it was known that they had a car. But the old lady kept her curtains drawn.

She would not even look out at them. They sped along so easily, the strong springs 20 and shock-absorbers taking the jar at the crossings, that even Ruth sighed ecstatically.

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Oh, Neale! Neale laughed.

The corner house girls on a tour

He had been circus born and bred, and the little girls still believed that such a life must be one round of pleasure and excitement. Suddenly Agnes, the volatile, thought of another thing. Oh, my! Howbridge say that there was something behind that affair. He doubts if the car was stolen by any common thieves. The road was very narrow in places and there were only a few houses along the track for some miles.

Suddenly they sighted just ahead a basket phaeton and a brown, fat pony hitched to it. Neale slowed down quickly, for the turnout was standing still. The driver was a middle-aged woman with a good many fussy looking ribbons in her bonnet and otherwise dressed quite gaily. The fat brown pony was standing still, flicking flies with his tail and wagging his ears comfortably.

He was in the very middle of the road and by no possibility could the car be steered around the turnout. The woman looked around at the car and its passengers and her face displayed a most exasperated expression. The woman looked around again. She had a pleasant face, and Tess smiled at her. Tess knew that the lady must feel a good deal worse than they did about it.

I have sat behind this pony hours and hours during the past ten years. The flies bother him more than a whip. He is just the most tantalizing brute of a horse that ever was.

Get up! He merely flicked flies and wagged his ears.

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He was really the most peaceful animate object visible in the whole landscape. The Corner House girls, since coming to Milton 24 to live in the old dwelling that Uncle Peter Stower had left them at his death, had enjoyed many adventures, but few more ridiculous than this. Here they sat in their new, high-powered car, ready and anxious to spin over the country ro to their goal—a famous picnicking grounds fifty miles from Milton—and a little old fat brown pony, with a stubborn disposition and a cropped mane, held them up as certainly as though he had been a highway robber!

He proves to be a thoroughly likable boy, and even Ruth and Tess, who do not much approve of the opposite sex, are prone to like Neale.

Con Murphy, the little old cobbler on the street back of the Stower place, and doing chores for the Corner House girls and other neighbors to help support himself while he attends school. The girls extend their acquaintance widely during this first school year at Milton, and when summer comes they visit Pleasant Cove, where they befriend Rosa and June Wildwood, two Southern girls, and meanwhile have adventures galore along the shore.

The fall following this summer vacation just mentioned, sees all the Corner House girls taking part in a play produced by the combined effort 26 of the town schools. Their failures and successes in producing The Carnation Countess is interwoven with a mystery surrounding the punishment of Agnes and some of her fellow-classmates for an infraction of the rules—a punishment that promises at one time to spoil the play entirely.

Eland, the matron, is able to retain her position in that institution. This album seems to contain a lot of counterfeit money and bonds, which in the end prove to have been hidden in the Stower house by a miserly uncle of Mrs.

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Eland and Miss Pepperill, Mr. Lemuel Aden, who had died too suddenly to make a will or to tell of his hidden treasure—and the money and bonds are really perfectly good. Lemuel Aden. Make us! Oh, dear! Now I shall have to ride behind Jonas all the time.

The woman laughed. She liked Agnes Kenway from the first, as almost everybody who met her did. The pony had blue eyes, and they were very mild. But he seemed to have no idea of going on and getting himself and his mistress out of the way of the automobile. Maybe he did not like automobiles. A very bright young man—if I do say it. He had lifted first one foot and then the other, going all around the pony to do so.

He had patted his neck. Jonas had seemed rather to like these attentions. He still whisked flies calmly. To the other ear the boy put his lips and seemed to be whispering something privately to Jonas. The four Corner House girls all expressed their amazement with a united cry. Neale had taken the pony firmly by the bridle and was leading him quietly out of the middle of the road.

He still wagged his ears to keep the flies away and whisked his tail industriously. Neale, leading the pony, turned a corner in the lane, and there came upon a house. The lady had left the phaeton to speak to the girls more companionably. Neale tied the pony to the picket fence before the house, leaving the hitching strap long enough to allow the animal to graze. What did you do to Jonas to make him change his mind? What did you do to him?

He had been used to horses all his life and he knew a few tricks of the Gypsies and the horse-traders. For all I ever heard! Anyway, they say if you tell it—what you say—to anybody else, the horse will balk again right away.

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