Lori Gottlieb I feel like I'm already mourning my friend. I'm hurt that she doesn't have space for me, or seem concerned about my life, which has had a major event in these past months. Thanks for any thoughts and advice. She must be swirling in a whole slew of emotions right now—fear, anger, sadness, helplessness, hope, and despair. When two people are experiencing a lot of the same feelings, and with great intensity, their relationship can get complicated.

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Friend wont talk to me

Many people want to do their own research and consult their own doctors, and make their own decisions accordingly. Would you do it differently?

Friend wont talk to me

All wpnt that said, your friend has told you that there was no issue between you; assuming that is the case, she may nevertheless feel a need for distance. If the change in your life was a positive one, she may struggle to feel happy for you, and that in turn may cause her to feel guilt and shame. If the change was a tough one, that too could be hard frlend her, in that it may make her wish to have smaller problems.

Finally, your friend may feel self-conscious about tk physical decline. You say that your friend is a very private person; as close as you are, letting you see her this way may make her feel too exposed and vulnerable.

Friend wont talk to me

The task is to figure out what would help you while also respecting her wishes. Write her one warm and candid letter in which you let her know how important she is to you, what you love and admire about her, and how her friendship has affected you.

Tell her that you miss her deeply. She can choose not to read the letter, to read it and throw it away, to feel grateful for it but still not want to be in contact, or to send you a note letting you know where she is in her process at this point. Whatever she does is up to her.

To figure out what's up, you might want to invite their new friend group out, and see what transpires. Do they show? And if so, are you invited along the next time they all get together?

Friend wont talk to me

If not, it may be time to move on, and find better friends. That's why, "if sont and your friend used to have honest, meaningful conversations about your lives and that lessens or stops, it could be a of trouble," Bennett says. It's only when you can't seem to ever nail them down, or they seem to be tossing ridiculous excuses your way, that you might want to raise an eyebrow.

Tiffany Towers, Beverly Hills-based psychologisttells Bustle. Of course, this isn't the best way to handle the situation, on their part. So you might want to speak up.

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Towers says. That way, you can get to the bottom of the issue, and save yourself from all that wondering.

Either that, "or there might be a lot of underlying anger towards youmotivating the desire to break up, and ke friend doesn't feel ready to have that final 'blow out argument' that ends the friendship," she says. When that's the case, calling them out may just save the relationship. What are they mad about?

What can you do to smooth things over?