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The following encapsulates the main points of the deal, based on a copy of the deal obtained by Bloomberg, as well as summaries provided by the two sides.

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Read the text of the deal in full here: EU-U. However, British exporters will face an array of new regulatory hurdles that will make it more costly and burdensome to do business in Europe. Market access: U. Rules of origin: New rules require the U.

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Certain products that contain a high threshold of inputs from outside the EU and U. Health and safety: The EU will require U.

Testing and certification: The absence of a mutual recognition agreement means U. Trade remedies: The EU and U.

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Financial ServicesSummary: The deal offers little clarity for financial firms. There is no decision on so-called equivalence, which would allow firms to sell their services into the single market vhat the City of London. The U. Regulatory cooperation: The two sides made a t declaration to support enhanced cooperation on financial oversight.

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They aim to agree on a Memorandum of Understanding by March. Instead, it has a re-balancing mechanism: Either side will be able to impose with tariffs if they diverge too much. They will also be subject to arbitration by an independent panel -- not locla European Court of Justice. In line with EU law, the U.

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An arbitration panel may rule on some areas and can order one side to resolve the problem or offer compensation. CustomsSummary: Both sides pledge to limit customs red tape, including through programs for trusted traders known as Authorized Economic Operators AEOs have benefits including fewer controls. The accord largely commits the EU and Britain to follow international practices aimed at minimizing customs costs for businesses.

Aviation and TruckingSummary: The EU has stopped short of granting automatic recognition to British aerospace des and products, according to the U.

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Personal data shipped to the U. If the U. EnergySummary: The U.

This was expected but there will be new arrangements in place by April to make sure that trading is smooth and efficient on interconnectors -- huge power cables that run between the U. As an island nation, making sure trading across these interconnectors is efficient is important to Britain. The deal includes guarantees on security of energy supply.

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Professional ServicesSummary: The deal means that there will no longer be automatic mutual recognition of professional qualifications. Locxl is a loss for the U.

However, the deal does create a framework for the recognition of qualifications in future. Business TravelSummary: The U.

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People visiting to set up businesses will be permitted to remain for as long as 90 days in any six-month period, according to the deal. However, there will be new requirements at the border, adding costs and hurdles for shippers. Both sides will be able to maintain their own sanitary standards going forward.

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Law EnforcementSummary: The deal will allow cooperation between the U. There will be cooperation between U. Extradition: The U. For more articles like this, please visit us at bloomberg.