Whatever the season us in Marseillan In July and August, take your place by the port as the boys and young men of Marseillan compete in the eccentric local sport known as Lou Capelet or the cours de la bigue. Dating back to an obscure naval recruitment ritual, the event is charged with as much pastis as testosterone as competitors are obliged to drink a Ricard in every bar in town before the games begin.

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And buried deep in their he are the memories of their life experiences.

In the memory of our surroundings, just like the memory in our he, the past sleeps well preserved and protected like forgotten files. Our desire is to give life back to these noises, these sounds, words, speeches and musics ad have drifted away in our memories. The urban object is used as a pretext to bring the past back to life.

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Walls that have ears can also have mouths. Dead memories re-live. It is time for the living to speak. But this speech is transposed.

For our experience and our habits have brought our theatre to play with and juggle with sounds. His extraordinary heroism and work as the pioneer tgermes the Underground movement is recalled each time a wreath is lain at the extraordinarily moving war memorial. When the bugle sounds at the end of the Remembrance procession, listen to the survivors of a remarkable generation tell their stories.

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If If you play an instrument, bring it with you when you visit us in June. If not, don't worry. For there will be plenty of others more than willing to entertain you on the weekend of National Music Day. Marseillan's squares and quaysides will resound to the sound of free concerts, and musicians from Jazzinade - the meh jazz group - will play outside the restaurants of the port from early evening.

Hardened partygoers head for Sete and the cities to boogie on down into the small hours with fantastic concerts in every open space. Flamingos in February and March.

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Our most glamorous ne ighbours are the spectacular pink flamingos who live on the etang. They are the highest profile residents of Marseillan's Bagnas nature reserve, a truly protected wetlands environment home to egrets and herons, kingfishers and sandpipers. Marseillan is a birdlover's paradise.

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Since the less of wildlife is paramount, the Bagnas Reserve may only be visited with an official theermes, and visits take place on selected mornings in the Spring and evenings in Summer. Of course, each September sees the hirondelles' farewell as they leave our shores for another year. The nightly flying circus of swallows, swifts and housemartins shrieking through their half hour aerobatic displays as they swoop and loop through the air and around the roofs in dazzling formation at speeds of 60 miles per hour.

Sitting on our terrace, we have a birds eye view of the enchanting entertainment. Dating back to an obscure naval recruitment ritual, the event is charged with as much pastis as testosterone as competitors are obliged to drink a Ricard in every bar in town lee the games begin.

Men ax les thermes chat

A ship's mast is liberally greased, swivelled across a barge and suspended over the water. The l compete to race up the slippery pole and grab a hat perched at the very end. The town band plays, the mayor els the sportsmen, carnival queens flutter their eyelashes at their champions and an excitable running commentary keeps the crowds informed as prize money rises higher throughout the afternoon. Of course, they all end up in the water.

Whilst, for spectators, the wine flows freely at cafe tables. This explosion of estival exhuberance talkes place on lex 14th of July the afternoon after the fireworks and bastille Eve ball, and before the Bastille Night ball and again on Marseillan's summer festival on August 16 sandwiched between another two nights of partying and dancing in the streets.

Men ax les thermes chat

Throughout the summer, live concerts are staged in the squares of the village and port with dancing until late. Live music too at the Oyster and big name music festivals right by the waterfront. In October and November, villages across l'Herault celebrate their Ghermes Primeur, the first new wine of the year.

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the winegrowers, their families, friends and neighbours on the October evening that the bottles are finally uncorked on the quays of Marseillan port. Gather in the wineries as local bands play, food is served, the first bottles are blessed by the parish priest and the fresh fruity tipple is poured liberally into each upheld glass. Stay a while and dance in the streets, munching and sipping the night away. therjes

Each evening a different commune or village celebrates its autumn flavours. Look out for brightly painted wine bottles in local shops - and in tastings along the vineyard route into the village.

Men ax les thermes chat